Brand Rebel | A rebel with a cause…

A rebel with a cause…

A rebel with a cause…

I get asked a lot what it is that I actually do, and I often find it easier to explain what I don’t do. You see, a lot of people come to branding with a preconceived idea of what it is – designing a logo right! But as far as I am concerned, that couldn’t be more wrong if it tried.

Now I’m a rebel at heart – always have been and always will. And by rebel I mean that I believe in being true to who ‘I’ am. I don’t blindly follow trends because I like what I like, and I’m not afraid to be true to that, even if that means I stand out in the crowd. I listen to the music I like (much to my husband’s horror when I pop on 70’s French muso Joe Dassin), I wear the clothes I like, and I eat the things I like. The most important thing to me is that we’re authentic, and not trying to be something we’re not. And this is the principle I bring with me into my work.

You could say it’s my passion. My why. Whatever. All I know is that I am fierce about it. Nothing screams out to an audience quicker than being fake… they see through it in an instant.

I’ve been working with brands, big and small, for over twenty years and the one thing that has remained the same is that desire to create ‘relationships’ with their customers. Now back in the day we used to do a good job of telling people what they wanted, what they should like, buy, listen to, love. But today’s consumer is way more savvy and doesn’t want to be told stuff, the internet is full of all the information they could need, what they want is to CONNECT. They want to ‘feel’ a part of something. They want to identify with the brands they buy on a personal level.

So this is where I come in… When I work with my clients, before we do anything else, we spend a lot of time talking about them, their hopes, their passions, their vision. We talk about what they dream of for their business – where they’d like to be in five years, who their dream clients are, what they would do if they could do anything…

And by doing so, I uncover all of the things that I need in order to create a powerful, fiercely authentic brand that is 100% aligned with them. I often get told by my clients that they feel that I’ve gotten inside their head and created the brand of their dreams – the one they were too scared to talk about or even let themselves imagine. But really what I do is help them to reconnect with WHO they are, what makes THEM special, what enables them to step up and stand out, and where the magic lies in their business. It’s an incredibly emotional and empowering experience. One that I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of every day.

For me, branding is so, so much more than your logo, your colour palette, your website. It’s about knowing who you are and sharing that with the world, in the most authentic, real way possible. It’s about allowing your customers to fall in love with the whole you, not a sanitised, ‘normalised’ version of you. It’s about allowing yourself to be brave enough to use your voice, to step into your power and go after your dreams.

It’s about sharing what is magic about your business with the world. It’s about understanding who your customers are (and accepting that you’re not for everyone, and that that’s OK.) And it’s about having the courage to step away from what everyone else is doing to embrace what is right for you. So you see, so, so much more than just a logo…

Yes I AM a rebel with a cause. To bring REAL to branding and create kickass brands that represent WHO my clients are – in all their awesome glory. Every single time. #bearebel




Brand Rebel

A rebel, a trail blazer, a maverick, however you describe Maria, you can be sure of one thing. True, unwavering passion. She’s like a stick of rock, if you look inside you’ll see AUTHENTIC is written at her very core. A staunch believer in being true to WHO you are, and sharing that with the world, you know that whatever she does, it’ll be really fucking real.

With over twenty years’ industry experience as a Head Copywriter turned Creative Director, Maria guides her customers through the intricacies of building a fiercely authentic brand – something that is demonstrated every time they willingly shrug off the old and step into the new transformed them. She believes that every business has the power to create a brand that thrives – they just need to listen to their inner rebel. If you too feel the call to be real, what are you waiting for, contact Maria today.

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